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How to be a voiceover

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

You have potential because all types of voices are in demand.

You can be the voice of a television or radio commercial, but a good voice alone is not enough. It’s like saying; I’ve got ten fingers so I’ll play the piano for the Philharmonic Orchestra. Obviously, you would need training. I hear stories every week from people who have been given advice by a well- meaning friend, actor, voiceover or producer. Usually the advice is to record a voiceover demo. That really is putting the cart before the horse!

If you want to be a professional pianist, what would you do first? Probably buy a piano and then, if you were serious, you would find a reputable teacher and learn to read music. Well, you already own the musical instrument – your voice – and assuming you have a good personality and ambition, all you have to do now is learn how to play all the notes and control the way you deliver a voiceover script.


The Hudson Voice Technique for Voiceovers The world’s only technique for professional verbal communication.

Created by Steve Hudson International award-winning voiceover artist and leading communication skills trainer.


‘I’ve been working on a bunch of training narrations this week that were poorly translated gibberish. Once again, it was your technique that enabled me to assemble and deliver the words in a way that I hope will make some semblance of sense to the listener. The Hudson Voice Technique is such a treat to work with.’ Gene Tognacci, professional voiceover (15+years), USA


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