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How much can voiceovers earn?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Voiceovers mostly work from home recording for clients worldwide

Every week, people ask me about how much work there is and how much money they can earn as a voiceover. Once you are trained in the Hudson Voice Technique, your potential as a voiceover is enormous.

For example, in America and the UK there are over 10.000 radio stations. Assuming each radio station needs 10 voiceovers per week – that’s 100,000 voiceovers needed every week – and that’s only half the business!

There is similar potential in most countries, and I haven’t mentioned the biggest potential, which is corporate narration. This includes videos for documentaries, sales training, safety training, promotional and induction. Thousands of television commercials are produced every year, not to forget video games, websites and talking books. The point I’m making is that there is plenty of work for everyone.

How much you earn in this industry depends on whether your work is television, radio or corporate. Most television and radio commercials are based on a studio fee plus residuals and these depend on how many regions it is shown in, how much experience you have and the size of the market. Most advertising is run on 13-week cycles.

Here's a sample of Voiceover jobs currently available on just one online agent.

Most voiceovers work from home using their computer. All you need is a computer, recording software and a microphone. You can then record and send your file to any studio or radio station in the world. They send you a script and you simply sit at your computer and record, they do all the technical stuff. This has increased the potential enormously. Since installing this equipment, I have recorded voiceovers for America, Australia, South Africa, India and Pakistan.


The Hudson Voice Technique for Voiceovers The world’s only technique for professional verbal communication.

Created by Steve Hudson International award-winning voiceover artist and leading communication skills trainer.


"This course delivers exactly what it says it will. At the beginning of the course you are asked to record a number of lines to the best of your ability so you can compare it with what you sound like at the end. I was skeptical about how much I was improving during the course... I mean, sure, I learned some good advice but I didn't feel any huge improvement.

Then I recorded the final readings and compared them to my firsts and wow... mind blown!

This course gives basic advice and intriguing explanations for how to improve your voice while reading a script that has monumental results. ...All in all this is a course where the results speak for themselves and I highly suggest it."

Malcolm Tolman


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