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Do you speak more than one language?

When you speak in your own language, it takes a second to work out vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. 
It is therefore much more difficult when you are speaking a second language because it would take a split second longer and that’s enough delay to cause a mistake which in turn makes you more nervous and speak faster. Consequently, it is more difficult for the listener to keep up with you and absorb your information.

The Hudson Voice Technique is a great benefit for people who speak more than one language. This is great news for anyone who has attend a job or promotion interview or has to make presentations on the phone or face-to-face, not to mention the option of recording voiceovers in the languages you speak.

Anyone speaking a second language will find this technique invaluable. It makes a dramatic difference to your confidence and clarity because it slows you down and reduces your accent. The new confidence and control gained by using this technique is essential for most occupations.


"This technique showed me to an absolutely new concept of utilising my voice, even though I've some years of experience.

Thank you for developing such an effective technique for lawyers, broadcasters and corporate executives.” 


Shubha Singh, Ex. Ass. Faculty Member, Broadcast Media, SIMC, Pune


"I’d like to express my great admiration for the Hudson Voice Technique as a tool for learning the English language. 


Using the Hudson Voice Technique, I’ve learned important rules in a very short period of time, and I wish I’d been able to apply them in my own German school- and language-education in the past."

Gunnar Reimann, Germany


"Although I’ve been speaking English for many years, Korean is my first language and this technique has helped me considerably, even at this stage.

This technique covers the essentials that give you the tools to put into practice."



Suzanne Jung, Producer-Presenter Primetime Morning
(Singapore, Hong Kong,Seoul,Tokyo) Channel News Asia

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