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Voicemaster was founded by Steve Hudson in 1995. The Hudson Voice Technique is an entirely new approach to communication skills training. It has been taught for over 20 years, training BBC newscasters, Fortune 500 CEOs, Lawyers and many corporations including ING BankBritish Telecom, lecturers at Oxford University, and of course, those who want to earn extra money as a voiceover artist.

It has been accredited by the Law Society for 16 hours CPD training and we are the official communication skills trainers at the Singapore Media Academy, Bloomberg UTV in India and 8TV in Malaysia.

We have licensed partners and training centres in the UK, France, India, Malaysia and Nigeria.

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Meet The Team

Steve Hudson

Steve Hudson , CEO

Creator of the Hudson Voice Technique

Steve started with 3M Company and Xerox (London and Washington DC) as International Communications Trainer. Working in Washington, he trained politicians and many executives from Fortune 500 companies. 


In order to find out more about using the voice professionally, he trained at the Royal National Theatre in London to become an actor. During the next few years, he became a successful international voiceover, recording Fuji, Mitsubishi,  Guinness, Gallo Wine, Old Spice, Martini, Superman and many others. He came close to real stardom when Cubby Broccoli was casting for the lead role in James Bond movies. Steve said he lost by an eyebrow (and a few million pounds) to Roger Moore.


Steve Hudson has won a number of awards for production and performance, including Best Radio commercial in the world at the Hollywood Radio and Television Society for ‘Sound International’.

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Esther Roberts,
Director of Training

 Born in The Netherlands, Esther moved to the UK and  joined Voice Master in 2003. She graduated in The Netherlands (1999) as a social worker and worked for the Triton Foundation for three years. She graduated in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), from the University of Cambridge in 2004, but continued to work with Steve.

During the next few years, she became Steve's right hand 'man' in the office, working as his PA, dealing with the admin, website maintenance, recording Steve's voiceovers, developing new courses and assisting Steve where necessary during training sessions.

Rakesh Jagtiani

Rakesh Jagtiani,

Regional Director India

Rakesh is the director of Voiceline and a professional voice actor working in this field for the last 15 years. He joined our team some 7 years ago.

People who have trained with Rakesh are leaving their mark through their voices in advertising, documentaries,
e-learning, audio books and more.


Barbara Gray,

Regional Trainer, France

Founded by Barbara Gray, a TV journalist in 2002, International Media Training is a network of trainers and specialised companies capable of answering multicultural communication issues around the world.

Because IMT already works in the area of media and presenting, associating with Voicemaster was an obvious road to take.

Kamal Salau.jpeg

Kamal Salau,

Regional Trainer, Nigeria

Director of ProEmcees, Kamal has been training in the media sector for over 10 years, both in his home county of Nigeria and also in Australia where he currently resides with his family.

He is an absolute expert in his field and we are delighted he has joined forces with us, teaching the Hudson Voice Technique alongside his already extensive course for aspiring media professionals.

Richard Barrow.jpg

Dr. Richard Barrow,

Regional Trainer, Malaysia

Richard is a district trainer for the Rotary Club. He has done public speaking for many years, and used to be a radio doctor when he was younger, as well as being in the Who's Who book of Sabah.


He has also helped to found the Sabah Zoological Society, Sabah Society for the Deaf, Sabah Medical Association and more. Richard is now Director of Corporate Training at RMB Voice.



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The 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique


Learn what to do at the end of sentences (an I don't include 'stoop and breathe.'


Sentences are blocks of information. Now learn to create 'mini sentences' within the whole sentence


Learn to control your pace, specifically slowing down. Most of use speak too fast which makes it difficult for the listener to keep up.


Energy equals enthusiasm and it’s contagious. Learn to use your body correctly and talk more positively.


Learn to identify the appropriate words to emphasise by being able to identify red flag words that are instructions from the author.


There are several tones you can use and at the end of this element you will be able to use them right on cue. You’ll also learn how to use your no. 5 voice.


Instead of only using the primary colours, you will be able to use every colour and tint on the palette.

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