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Benefits of the Hudson Voice Technique

You have a unique speech pattern - it's your 'Verbal DNA'.

A speech pattern starts at about two years of age, when you say your first word.
From then on we mimic our parents and learn words, a language, an accent, speed, tone
and an intricate way of arranging words in a sentence. 

By learning the Hudson Voice Technique, you will learn to control your voice and the way you speak.
It will protect you from bad influences by other people.
The Hudson Voice Technique is a powerful, structured technique which has a permanent affect.



Make no mistake, if you want to be a voiceover or simply more successful, there is only one way.

Remember, you have the instrument; your voice. Learn to play it professionally.


* Control the tone, pace and pitch of your voice.

* Deliver a voiceover script professionally, first time.

* Have confidence in front of a microphone.

* Have the edge over your competition.


Corporate Staff

You have to sell yourself before you can sell your product,
service or idea.

Of course we can all give a presentation, but without a technique, we have to rely on our instinct; and that's not good enough.

* Feel confident and enjoy speaking in front of any audience
* Remain composed and think clearly even under pressure
* Feel really comfortable at business or social events
* Learn a guaranteed skill that helps you succeed in your career

* Get your message across powerfully and effectively 



Children learn by copying others, this technique will protect them from picking up bad habits and give them greater confidence. 

* Slow down the rate of speech - most students talk too fast
* Bring clarity where nerves lead to inaudible speech

* Improve confidence when standing in front of the class.
* Read out loud clearly and confidently.
* Be able to give a pitch perfect university or job interview,        this is the start of a wonderful career.


“...the skills acquired can be adapted for various purposes useful for solicitors; advocacy, presentations, public speaking generally, also for more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation....” S.Brown, SRA

Impress the judge, convince the jury ​
and instil confidence in the client

* Deliver your argument more powerfully

* More confidence in front of the judge and jury

* Reduce time it takes to study court bundles

* Win more arguments

English as 2nd language


The rules for reading and speaking are the same in any language. Just learning a language isn’t enough - you need to be clear and easily understood.

* Reduce your accent by slowing down

* More confidence when speaking English

* Record voiceovers in your native language

* Record voiceovers in English with your accent


You only have to hear the clear, commanding tones of some of the finest actors – men and women – to believe in the power of the voice to influence. That's the main job of those who teach.

* Engage with your students by the way you speak

* Clarify by articulating words perfectly

* Bring your lessons to life by using your voice as a precision tool

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