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We are proud to have Voiceline as our official training partner in New Delhi, India.

Rakesh Jagtiani, a Voice Master International instructor and professional voice actor trained in the Hudson Voice Technique. Rakesh has been working in the field for over a decade. A well known voiceover artist, he leads Voiceline from the New Delhi office, with branches in Surat and Bengaluru.

Training Courses

A world-class voice training enterprise, Voiceline is associated with Voice Master International. They use the unique Hudson Voice Technique to help trainees reduce their accent, rate of speech and emerge as powerful and persuasive communicators. Voiceline offers a variety of voice training courses addressing needs of corporates, educators, lawyers, voiceover artists and others.


Voiceline is the only company in India teaching the world’s first and only technique for effective speaking skills – Hudson Voice Technique.


Taught in 89 countries and 27 languages for over 20 years, the unique Hudson Voice Technique teaches you to be a more powerful and persuasive communicator, whatever your background, profession or aspiration.

Using the Hudson Voice Technique, our participants have achieved international standards of speaking and presentation skills, besides receiving a diploma issued by Voice Master International.

CPD Training for Lawyers now offered by Voiceline



"I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have come away convinced that the Hudson Voice Technique is an excellent way to learn how to use and control the voice more effectively, and that the skills acquired can be adapted for various purposes useful for solicitors; advocacy, presentations and public speaking generally. Also for more effectively presenting an argument in a meeting or a negotiation, not to mention anyone who might want to set up a sideline in voiceovers.

I feel that the majority of solicitors would gain from this course. The provider has been granted accreditation."

Mrs Susan Brown, Solicitors Regulation Authority, (SRA) assessor


Special Report by Ryan Ottman, Partner at Angleterre Partners LLP


Verbal communication skills are a professional necessity for many, if not most lawyers; yet it is all too easy to reach a plateau of competence and forget about the further development of our strongest communication asset – our voice.

If you are in a court room on a regular basis you will likely have had further training in advocacy skills, and if you find that you are successful in the courtroom it is probable that you will have found a reliable ‘voice’ that contributes to your success. The same analysis, in respect of the finding a ‘voice’, holds true when dealing with clients and counterparts outside of the court room; we instinctively find a pitch, tone and cadence suitable for the situation.

That said, if we rely solely on our instincts to tell us what to do with our voice we will be limited to the extent of our instinct in any given situation. Without training and skill building exercises we are at the mercy of instincts( for better or worse), whereas with training we have the distinct advantage of being able to control and know what to expect from our skill set – or Steve Hudson, creator of the Hudson Voice Technique, would say, with appropriate training we would have a ‘technique’ to go by rather than just the guesswork of our instinct.

1-2-1 Training

Exclusive, individual training program provides training in the Hudson Voice Technique over 4 days.
(2 hours session each).

group coaching

The compelling mixed group program is for go-getters who can progress and enjoy the dynamics of learning in a group.

5 hours / Day – for 3 days (including Lunch)

Home Study

This format is ideal for those who cannot make the time to attend regular classes at the studio.

Operating from the comfort of your home or office, participate in the training, through a series of online presentations.


Send and email or phone if you have any questions.

+91 395 018 8055

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