The online video course has been created specifically for those who prefer learning in their own time and of course so we can offer our unique programme to aspiring voiceovers worldwide.


The online voiceover course consists of 10 video tutorials with scripts for you to print. It will take a approximately 1-2 weeks, 30 minutes a day to complete the course. When you’ve finished each element, you can put the new learned skills into practice immediately.


Price UK £145 Discounted to £95


What you’ll learn:

  • Control the tone, pace and pitch of your voice and gain confidence in front of a microphone.

  • By the end of the course you will be able to record TV and radio commercial voiceovers and corporate narration from home to a similar standard as your favourite voiceover or actor.

  • You will be assessed by Steve Hudson by sending your ‘Before’ and ‘After’ recordings via Email.

  • Students are always welcome to contact Steve for help and advice.

  • You will receive your VMI Voiceover Diploma upon completion of the course.



Does this course really deliver?

Yes it does! Have a look at just a small selection of the reviews we have received over the years...



This course delivers exactly what it says it will. At the beginning of the course you are asked to record a number of lines to the best of your ability so you can compare it with what you sound like at the end. I was skeptical about how much I was improving during the course... I mean, sure, I learned some good advice but I didn't feel any huge improvement.  


Then I recorded the final readings and compared them to my firsts and wow... mind blown! 


This course gives basic advice and intriguing explanations for how to improve your voice while reading a script that has monumental results. ...All in all this is a course where the results speak for themselves and I highly suggest it. 
Malcolm Tolman  



Very comprehensive course! As an author who records my audio books, this course helped me to capture and remain mindful of the nuances of delivery that will make a marked difference in my general communications as well. 
Samuel Crumby  



I've taken several other voice over courses and even though this course is shorter then the others, it contains a plethora of information that can not be over looked, It has made me gain more confidence and knowledge to the art of becoming a voice over personality, knowing that I can attack my next project confidently. A must have for anyone serious about learning how to speak and phrase properly. very very well done. 
Cory Shelnick 

Voiceover Online Video Course

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  • Once you have paid for the course, we give you access to the course with a password.