Not keen on learning with others? We'll be happy to arrange a 1-2-1 session for you.


Our 1-2-1 sessions run are arranged with you at a date and time that suits you.


How it works:


  • Join your 1-2-1 session at a time and date set. We will send you a link so you can join the virtual training room.
  • You'll have Steve all to yourself and he will go through the course with you.
  • At the end of the session, your reading and speaking skills will have been transformed!
  • That's when you will read the same scripts you read at the beginning (your 'After' recordings) so you can hear the difference it's made.
  • We give you access to the Online Video Course for practise purposes.
  • After about a week, we'll set up your final session for your assessment.
  • Of course, you'll pass with flying colours so you will be awarded your VoiceMaster Diploma.


Steve looks forward to meeting you and passing on his expertise!


Price UK £2000


Price in US$: $2.730

Corporate 1-2-1 Masterclass