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Why be an amateur voiceover if you can be professional?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

'Voice technique is as important as the picture' -Walt Disney

Untrained voiceovers reduce advertisers’ profits. Too many advertising agencies fail to understand the importance of a professionally trained voiceover. Some of the major advertising agencies fall into this trap and mislead their clients. Here’s just a small selection of companies who have been let down by the advertising producer using an untrained voiceover for their TV campaign: Findus, Ford, Kellogg’s, Kia, IBM, L’Oreal, and a few more. Most companies use an untrained people in their call centres. Many of them have accents you could cut with a knife. I really don’t care about political correctness; company image is vitally important. The last thing the company wants is an irritated or bored potential customer!

Voicemaster has conducted a survey of the standards of television and radio commercials and corporate narration. A staggering 67% of people who have attended the Hudson Voice Technique course in the last 18 months were not happy with the standards. The main complaints were the irritating habits of untrained voiceovers. This applied not only to TV commercials, but also to documentary narrators, presenters, newsreaders and reporters – and you can’t blame the voiceovers!

I was not surprised that 91% thought that the production standards of Discovery and BBC documentaries were exceptionally high.

So why do these companies use so many untrained voiceovers? With a budget of tens of thousands of dollars/ pounds, surely they aren’t trying to save a small amount of money?

It seems that some producers are more interested in winning awards than selling their clients’ product. Producers working for all the major broadcasters in the UK and USA and some leading ad agencies are responsible. They obviously think that anyone can be a voiceover – that’s like thinking that anyone with ten fingers can play the violin; if you want to be professional, you need a technique.


The Hudson Voice Technique for Voiceovers The world’s only technique for professional verbal communication.

Created by Steve Hudson International award-winning voiceover artist and leading communication skills trainer.


‘"Since I finished the Hudson Voice Technique home study course, I have picked up some nice bits of work. I already had quite a bit of experience as a voiceover artist. The Hudson Voice Technique made me more confident and I found that voiceover recordings were finished quicker. In one job in particular I even amazed myself! There was another person who was supposed to work with me but didn't turn up, and I ended up doing twice the work in half the time, due to your training, and they only had to pay one person, not two. It was great - it was for Friends of the Earth, and they were very grateful because their budget was very tight.”

Brandilee Nel


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