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Welcome to my blog - The adventures of a voiceover

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Steve Hudson has probably appeared in or voiced more radio and TV commercials than anyone else. As he says: "It may be true because I've been doing it longer than anyone else!"

It has been an exciting ride with some hair-raising experiences; facing an escaped black panther in  a TV studio, getting invited to dinner by the Duchess of Bedford at Woburn Abbey, losing a million dollars in Hollywood, my life threatened by gangsters and being ‘kidnapped’ by a beautiful Hollywood actress and creating the Hudson Voice Technique which is the world's first and only technique for professional communication.

By creating the Hudson voice Technique, Hudson has established himself as the world's leading communication skills trainer.'

James Grant, CEO, testsonthenet

Here's how easy it is to say the same thing but mean something totally different:

Woman without her man, is lost. Woman, without her, man is lost.

Another example on the BBC:

'Liz Taylor is visiting the grave of her latex husband.'

So apart from sharing my adventures with you, I will also be looking into the world of communication skills training in the hope you may find it both amusing and educational.



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