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My first on-camera job

My first on-camera job was at the Cineast Studios in Paris, the producers told me to have a sporting limp − don’t ask! It was for the men’s aftershave, Mark Vardy.

The walls and floor of the studio had been painted grey, with four white lines going to infinity. Either side of these lines statues stood. I was surprised on the first take because the statues were in fact models who turned their heads very slowly to follow me as I walked towards a beautiful girl who looked very much like Grace Kelly. The model was married to the French chess champion.

When we finished the shoot, we were taken to a romantic little restaurant in the middle of Paris by the guy in charge, whose name was Clutterbuck, but I’m sorry I don’t remember his first name. I just remember a great atmosphere, wonderful food, wild strawberries and lots of garlic.

I’ve looked for that restaurant whenever I visited Paris, but I never found it.

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