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Do you know a microphone from a doorknob? I didn't!

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

My first voiceover job...

I was doing a stunt job for one of the world’s biggest advertising agencies J. Walter Thompson. One day the casting director asked me if I did voiceovers. Up to that point the closest I’d been to doing a voiceover was shouting with fear when crashing a police car, or being hit on the head with a sword when filming on the Golden Hind (not the original – that would make me 237 years old!). So I went to a studio in London’s’ Covent Garden.

The television commercial was for Dunlop. I had no training, in fact I didn’t know a microphone from a doorknob, but at least I wasn’t scared – I should have been! Twenty minutes later I walked from the studio in a daze. It was a disaster!

That was several years ago, and since then I have earned a small fortune, travelled all over the world and enjoyed every minute!

I learned a very important lesson that day: if you want to get into a new career, which could be very profitable, you need a technique. A good voice alone is not enough.


The Hudson Voice Technique for Voiceovers The world’s only technique for professional verbal communication.

Created by Steve Hudson International award-winning voiceover artist and leading communication skills trainer.


“I started working on an Asian radio station as a presenter after the course. Just today actually I got another radio job with my local borough in Harrow. I've been asked to do audio recordings for The Blind Society too. I'm getting there..... not a bad start.

I now present a Kid's shows on DABs radio and a Hip/Hop Show on Harrow Borough Radio. Thank you so much for getting me started!”



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