How to speak clearly when wearing a face mask


 It's is not your listeners responsibility to hear what you say,
it’s your responsibly to be clearly understood; mask or no mask.

It’s all about masks, masks, masks during this horrible pandemic, but needs must in order to keep everyone safe.


I’m sure you’ve noticed it is more difficult to hear what is said when someone’s mouth is covered. Not to mention the fact that we all lipread to a certain extent and that’s no longer an option. So it is essential you speak as clearly as possible when wearing a mask.


Here’s some advice I found on the web:


“You want to make sure that your words are as clear and crisp as you can make them. Whether you have a lightweight disposable mask or a thicker cloth one, your words will be slightly muffled. To overcome this muffling, slow, clear enunciation is much more important than volume. Don’t yell, enunciate. Exaggerate how you pronounce your words – really use those mouth muscles to fully shape and sharpen each sound. Speak firmly and slowly – slower than you’re used to speaking – so you have time to properly shape those sounds.”

Yes - absolutely right BUT…even in normal times the way you speak is vitally important in your job, at an interview, when giving a presentation.  You see, you have a unique speech pattern which you have been using since you first started to talk.  You probably speak on the fast side (because most of us do) or you trail off at the end of sentences - and that’s just two of seven errors made when people speak. This will not help you when you are wearing a face mask.


In order for you to learn how to speak more clearly and slowly, just tips are not enough - you need  a specific set of rules that teach you how to do that.


The answer is simple - learn the Hudson Voice Technique which has been taught for over 20 years to voiceovers, actors, teachers; in fact; people from all walks of life for over 15 years. Not to mention BBC, SKY, Bloomberg and other broadcasters. The 7 elements of this technique helps you to take control of your voice and the way you deliver your message.

Of course, by learning the Hudson Voice Technique, you will also qualify to record voiceovers which is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash.

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