The Hudson Voice Technque

Accredited by the Law Society

You have to sell yourself before you can sell your product, service or idea. Your potential customer must be impressed with your knowledge, sincerity and reliability, don’t leave it to chance.

Some people imagine that  having a good voice and years of experience is enough. It is not. You need to use the latest marketing aids,

You must not allow your years of experience and knowledge to be diluted. People are much more likely to click on your video than the printed word.


Your sales team would achieve better results. Teamwork is vital for all companies to be successful and profitable. Team TV is more than team building, it is an educational programme, teaching staff to be more professional, confident and effective when talking to existing or potential customers. 


Our PSR  programme is based on the worlds only set of rules for improving the performance of your staff.


Business Development

Sales Training

Front line staff

Safety Training

How does it work?

Learn the 7 elements of the Hudson Voice Technique via distance learning or a live Master Class with Steve

Practise your newfound skills for a week, reading anything from a commercial script, book or even the newspaper

Join another session with Steve for your assesment

Record yourself in audio or on video using a green screen read